Good Words Wednesday: We Make Something We Like

Posted by on May 28, 2014 @ 8:58 pm in Inspiration, Small Business Ownership | 1 comment

Jack Joyce, co-founder of Rogue Ales & Spirits, passed away yesterday. Beyond being a pioneer in the craft brewing world and powerful business mind, he was a supporter of our magazine from the very beginning. ¬†Before we’d published our very first issue, Jack was offering advice and much needed kicks in the butt. He was honest and encouraging. He listened to our goals and told us to go for it. He was a man who didn’t have to give us the time of day, but gave us hours of guidance instead.

Every ounce of fuck-the-man, do-it-youself, make-something-you’re-proud-of, and do-what-you-can-with-what-you-have attitude we’re infusing into our magazine and business was noticed and nurtured by Jack’s words. He was our mentor, our magazine’s first sponsor, and a badass of the highest order.

Artisan Spirit Magazine article on Jack and Rogue.

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  1. So sorry, Amanda! :-( It’s really great, though, that you had a chance to know (and having him as a mentor!) such a wonderful and inspirational person. It’s all about the people we get to cross paths with in this life.

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